Friday, 14 September 2012

Monday, 27 August 2012

Fan Expo Madness

Instead of typing, I'll just show you the awesomeness...

Me and my friend Dylan

Julie Benz looked perfect

Me and the Boondock Saints Boys!! :)

My friend Nimits, friend Daryl, drew this of me! haha so awesome
And below you will find some of Nimit's FABULOUS work.
Check out his websites:

His 11 year old cousin made these adorable cell phone holders so I bought one haha

Criminal Minds

Rose Mcgowan! What a babe!

SOOOO This wonderful guy made a little comic art strip of me waking up. How perfect is that! So he found me at Fan Expo and signed the poster. I also had a sticker of me(magnet?) 
SO COOL. hhaha

I love buying art work at Fan Expo! I also love supporting local artists!

Im too tired to type a lot, my apologies.

I'll blog again tomorrow

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Today I Conversed With... Cala Rose

By todayiconversedwith:

Hello everybody, today I’m in beautiful Canada with Cala. How are you?
I’m very good, thank you! Just finished listening to the Weeknd and making some dinner; home made soup! Always the best.

Sounds good! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Cala Rose and I am 20 years of age. I am a model with a diploma in cosmetology. I started modelling when I was 18 for Gods Girls, and then I started to do some things here and there for Front Army Magazine, and I also work with a clothing company in Belgium, called Death Shred. I’ve been in (as said) Front Army Magazine, Auxiliary Magazine, Rude Magazine and soon to be some other online blogs/mags that I can’t mention! haha. Now I am a freelance model, getting most of my jobs through Model Mayhem. I’m also freelancing with my makeup, doing weddings, photoshoots for modelling agencies, etc.

When did you pose for the first photo shoot? What do you remember of that experience?
Well I was doing my own little photo shoots at my house when I was 16/17/18, because I love photography and editing, so I would do everything myself. I didn’t like the thought of hiring a photographer to shoot something that I could do myself. When I went off to college, my best friend was in the photography program there and asked me to model for her several times. The first photo shoot was so much fun, and we had a blast. It was obviously because I knew her and we were so close, but it really helped me be more comfortable in front of the camera for others who I did not know so well. She really helped build up my confidence in modelling.
How did it happen that you did modeling for a magazine?
They contacted me. I started a blog on tumblr and started to get more and more people following me. I guess they saw me, liked my look and asked me to model for them. I also had some help from Death Shred who knew Front Army. They helped me get in with them as well. As for the other magazines, it’s just about putting yourself out there as much as possible and hoping companies will chomp.
I don’t know very much about modeling as a pro. Can you tell us anything about your photo shoot? For example, how long could be a modeling session?
Most of my photo shoots I travel to, and the photographer usually picks me up, or I take a taxi to the location of the shoot. The shoots are usually between 2-4 hours depending on location, how many wardrobe changes, makeup changes etc. I think the shortest photo shoot I’ve ever been to was 25 minutes.. maybe. I think it was even shorter than that. Some little tips for a photo shoot is to always bring a robe with you (especially if you’re doing nude/implied/lingerie shoots), if you feel more comfortable with someone coming with you to a shoot, ask! Most photographers are cool with a girlfriend tagging along as long as they don’t get in the way, and before heading off to a shoot always leave a parent/friend etc with the location you are going to and the number of the photographer. Most of my photo shoots are fun with really nice, respectful photographers. I have had one really bad experience with an awful photographer in Toronto, and it really shook me. To anyone who wants to start modelling, make sure you have a way to escape if anything gets bad (car, a friend waiting for you etc). 
What has been the most memorable photoshoot you can remember?
So far, professionally, it has to be the photo shoot I did at Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. I shot with 5 photographers, who were very friendly and fun, and in the end, I got to spend the night in the hotel (alone!). It was a gorgeous hotel room too. I give many thanks to the photographer who paid for everything!
That has been definitely good! What advice would you give to others who want to work as a model like you?
I would say think about it first. It’s not something you can erase. It’s on the internet.. forever. Make sure you know the pros and cons of nude modelling.. or any type of modelling to be honest. I never thought anyone I know would find out about it, but they did, and my parents did, people I went to high school found out. I lost friends. I lost boyfriends. I enjoy what I do though, so I would never stop it for anyone. If I lived my life concerned about what others thought, I wouldn’t really get anywhere, would I? I am very fortunate to have a great family who support me, and great friends who do the same. Make sure it’s a passion and you are willing to commit and be very social, especially on the internet.
Can you tell us anything more about your passion for cosmetology? Do you think your job as a model is influenced somehow by your knowledge in this field?
I’ve always loved doing my own makeup. Growing up, I always dealt with self confident issues, I even struggled with an eating disorder for a couple of years. Putting on makeup made me feel beautiful and normal. It made me feel how I thought I should always feel. I think both my passions were fuelled by my love of portrait photography. I didn’t have anyone to take pictures of, so I shot photos of myself and I figured it would look better if I had amazing makeup too haha.
Hehe! What are you working on these days?
A 2013 Calendar for everyone who wants one! It includes pictures from GG, pictures I’ve never shown anyone, and art work from artists/illustrators I have collaborated with!
What are your plans for the future?
I’m going to keep on modelling for anyone who wants to photograph me! I’m also building up a wedding company/blog with my best friend. She does the photography/editing etc, and I do makeup, and I am capable of the photography and editing as well. We want to create something beautiful. I also love design. I designed my makeup business cards, my portfolio, my website etc. I would love to get into styling and visual merchandising for cosmetic companies. I would also love to work for a magazine company, doing their page layouts and working in the art department. I want to do a lot with my life. Why not, right? I only have one life.
Thank you, Cala! It has been a pleasure :-) Is there anything else would you like to say to our readers?
Happiness is hard to obtain. So make sure you not only appreciate the big things in life, but also the little things, even if it’s just as simple as the soothing sound of the rain hitting your roof.. and then be thankful you have a roof over your head.

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I did a workshop the other weekend and it involved 9 photographers and me. They all photographed me at the same time, so I had to keep on posing constantly and giving each one attention for a certain number of minutes and then change my attention. It sounds easy, but it wasn't really. It was still a lot of fun though and I'll deff do it again! Here are some photos from that day.

All those are taken and copyrighted by Bob Marinett

These below, are taken by Henry Lee

I'll add more pictures to this post once I get them, but it always takes forever to get photographs from photographers! which is understandable :P so bear with me :)